Language Travel Tours

  • Customer Name: Clare Botterill
  • Category: Marketing Strategy / Web Design / Hubspot CRM
  • Date: 01/12/2022
  • Status: Completed
  • Website:
  • Tags: Marketing Strategy, Web Design, SEO, Branding, PR
  • Budget: £15,000

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Language Travel Tours provides English language homestays and cultural programmes for overseas schools and individuals in the North East of Scotland. With over 25 years of experience, Language Travel Tours welcomes students from EU countries and beyond including Russia, China, Brazil and Japan.

The Brief

Clare contacted the Razor Marketing Group to assist with a Visit Scotland grant application to aid tourism recovery in Scotland after the pandemic. This was successful and Language Travel Tours received a grant of £15,000 to support the launch of three programmes designed to encourage international students to visit Scotland as an eco-destination.  Using a detailed marketing plan as the basis, our marketing and web team got to work to meet the chosen KPIs.

Our Solution

Previous SEO efforts were outdated and ineffective, therefore, the first step was to perform an audit of the current website to see what was working and what was not. Amid this, it became apparent that tracking the customer journey, especially enquiries, was an issue. Therefore, a key solution for Language Travel Tours was a CRM system that would enable the management of customer data and interactions.

During the initial site build, the team worked to make sure all its pages had sufficient information and relevant keywords that would be valuable for users and search engines. This was crucial so the website would be discovered as quickly as possible.

The team also worked to make sure the site followed technical best practices from launch – including site structure and mobile compatibility. In addition, ensuring that traffic tracking was set up through Google Analytics and Search Console Tools.

Whilst the new website was being built, the marketing team got to work on a logo redesign that would represent the new Scotland-related programmes. This included a complete refresh of social platform headers and email banners to ensure brand consistency.

During the brand relaunch, a series of email marketing newsletters were published to highlight the new programmes, alongside social media ads to target host families that would welcome students into their homes. We also published a press release to target the local area and highlight all that Language Travel Tours had to offer.

The Results

  • Increased visibility on search engine result pages (SERP).
  • Press release coverage in The Press and Journal, Mearns Leader and Aberdeen Business News.
  • Reach increased by 2.7K% on Facebook and by 785% on Instagram through paid and organic advertising.
  • Increased website traffic by 1,493% compared to the previous year’s results.
  • Introduced a new colour palette to provide a fresh approach that complemented the logo and created an eye-catching accent.

“I have learned so much from working with the Razor Marketing Group. From SEO tips and social media insights to how best to drive traffic to the website, it’s helped me realise what we need to do as business to stay visible and grow organically. The new website redesign has been well received by our client base and gives us a clear sense of where we are headed. In addition, we are receiving new client enquiries through the website which has never happened before. Lastly, Razor has helped streamline our communications by implementing software to manage marketing, sales and customer enquiries. I feel we now have a great foundation from which we can grow. Team Razor are responsive, dedicated professionals and lovely to work with. Thank you!” – Clare Plaister.