PR & Communication

With a mass of PR stories being received by journalists daily, it is essential to stand out and have a story that will engage the audience. Our copywriting team members hail from journalistic backgrounds, meaning they understand what it takes to get a story past the Editor’s desk. Developing a ‘good’ PR story involves many factors, including timing, the current atmosphere of the industry, appealing to the public, and featuring an element of education or entertainment.

Our team has connections across high authority businesses – such as national newspapers – and in niche websites and publications. This solid contact base allows us to tailor your PR strategy to reach the most relevant audiences for your business. Maintaining these strong relationships with media contacts is essential and we will work with you to develop these along with creating a list of target publications.

A strong PR strategy is focused on achieving your goals. Depending on who you’re trying to target, what stories you want to tell, and where you’d like to be featured, we’ll set the strategy that’s right for you.

Our Approach

Strategic PR planning takes work. Even more important, it first takes thinking and preparation. Our approach to a PR strategy includes:

  • Industry Research
  • Segmenting Target Audiences
  • Media Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Digital and Traditional PR Methods
  • Distribution Measurement

“Writing for a variety of platforms is now a skill that all PR and marketing companies need to offer.”